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 This album was recorded between The Unicorn Ranch, Don Kerr's Basement, and The Zeus Studio. With the mutation of Paso Mino into Bahamas and Zeus, Carlin and Mike from Zeus had assumed the new bandleader roles in Collett's band and they ended up being the principle creative forces in the album that followed, Rat A Tat Tat.


I spent almost a month mixing this album and going back and forth with Carlin and Mike as they were on tour... we put a lot of the songs on my old MCI JH114 (that has now gone the way of the buffalo) but what really makes the album special is the out-of-control pointilism on songs like "Cold Blue Halo" that Mike and Carlin were able to stumble upon. "Dirty Word" could have been a big song... it is my favourite of Jason's to doate.



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