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I grew up in Southern California and spent a lot of my youth listening to punk albums before I heavily immersed myself in Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, and fell into an array of fascination with recordings from Motown to Abbey Road. I moved to LA when I was 18 to try to become an engineer. Most of my early time in the studio I spent with Brad Wood (Liz Phair, Sunny Day Real Estate, Smashing Pumpkins) as the studio business in Los Angeles was imploding and everyone was starting to make albums in their homes. Brad was a big influence on me as I graduated into working on albums as an engineer first, and then a producer and mixer.

In 2003 I started working with Rilo Kiley, and spent a lot of time touring with them. This led me to working with Feist, whom I got back in the studio with to record The Reminder (which got nominated for 4 Grammys) and I ended up moving to Toronto, where I now live, as a result of working with her. She was a centrifuge to a lot of my work from 2005 onward and in the breaks in between her album cycles I have had enough time to take on other projects, which turned into albums Bahamas, Jack Johnson, The Weather Station, Peach Pit, and more.


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