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"Haley Bonar’s Impossible Dream is a brisk half-hour of barbed power-pop tunes that sting so sweetly that it’s only after the fact you consider you might need a tetanus shot." - Pitchfork

"Undoubtedly boasts the kind of bright melodies, satisfying hooks and nice turns of phrase that can worm their way into your psyche." - The Guardian

"Bonar’s weaving of multiple indie rock subgenres – alt-country, dream pop, punk – is tight as it gets, yet she and her band consistently retain an air of restlessness across the album, due largely in part to the opposing and symbiotic relationship between Bonar’s light and clear vocals and the propulsive rhythm section." 9/10

 - Line Of Best Fit

"Filled with exquisitely layered guitars and fuzz galore...Bonar’s voice and lyrics are as pure and potent as ever, and the constantly shifting guitar aesthetics — from a distorted jangle to swampy bass and back — make for a versatile but focused body of work." - Stereogum

"Well-crafted, catchy gems" - Allmusic

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