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Barchords was the third album Afie and I worked on together.


This time we moved my setup into the main room of the Unicorn Ranch... which is an overhanging loft with about 30 foot high ceilings. I was really into capturing ambience on this album - which is a really great pairing for the type of minimalist songwriter and player that Afie is. I think it is that combination that makes the album so special... it is really apparent in some of the more downtempo songs like "Montreal" and as you get into Side B of the album.


"Be My Witness" is one of my favourite songs he's ever written... it captures the moment of rising to the occasion to to not just fall in love, but to stay in love. The album was finished and mixed in early 2010 (or so we thought), but without a release partner... While Afie was figuring out what was going to happen with the album's release, he was opening for Noah and the Whale at the Mod Club and played a brand new song - "Lost In The Light" - to open the show. I've never seen a reaction from an audience like that for a support act... you could hear a pin drop and the crowd hung on every word. It was clear we needed to reopen the album and record it - and it turned out that was the final piece in the puzzle that led to the Brushfire deal.


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