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Bahamas is Afie was a coming of age record for Afie. It was the next step in the evolution of his songcraft, guitar mastery, and melodic pop hooks, yet remains a sparse, moving album, complemented by a more developed arrangement of strings, brass, winds, orchestral percussion, and choral arrangements. It won Juno's for AAA Album Of The Year and Songwriter Of The Year.


This was all recorded in Don Kerr's basement with Don on drums and Afie on everything else. "Stronger Than That" was originally recorded as a celtic ballad featuring the pennywhistle and we went back and I re-recorded it at Giant with Mike O'Brien and Jason Tait to give it more of an '80s Dylan/Knopfler feel. I had actually recorded it back in 2008 at the Ranch with Feist playing drums... and I think there was an early Paso Mino version of it too. All in all it went through a lot of mutations before it reached its final version, but it is his highest charting song in Canada to date, so I guess it was worth it.


"Little Record Girl" was the only other departure from the Don sessions. During mixing we added the vocal overlays to the outro and I got Don to add the additional "Paul Simon" rhythm that (I think) bridges the gap between it being country pastiche and a twangy pop song.

"Smile-inducing pop tunes.” - KCRW

“Smart, subtle, supple, superior folk-inflected guitar-pop" - Monocle

"Expertly deployed vocal harmonies and guitar leads” - Entertainment Weekly

"Elegant melodies amid intelligent, economical arrangements." - Uncut

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