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I got to go back to La Frette in Paris to work on this with The Weather Station.


We had given La Frette a test run when she was touring Europe with Bahamas and we has a couple days off and did a pair of duets for the Walter Mitty Soundtrack and the Sweetheart Album that really seemed to be a great match between Tamara and Afie and the recording space.


I love Tamara's writing and she is an incredible singer. I think of this album as a young Joni Mitchell singing Bill Callahan songs. There's a patience and sparseness about that is always waiting on her voice as a doubtful but honest narrator.


Originally we were going to try to make the entire album on a Studer 1" 4 track machine (same machine as Sgt Pepper) - which worked out for "Personal Eclipse", "Like Sisters", "At Full Height", "I Could Only Stand By", and the title track, "Loyalty" (you can hear the tape distortion in the final chorus). The machine ended up having some problems and we had to switch to 2" for the remainder of the album, but the true character was in her performances.



"Loyalty feels like a 40-minute glimpse into a secret world, where familiar people and traditional sounds lead intriguing, uncanny lives. It’s a place that demands to be revisited." - Pitchfork​


"The Best Folk Album of the Year" - The Fader


"Each of the husky, tender songs on Loyalty works like Mother Of Pearl; glimmering, cherished stories fortified by their calloused shells." - Stereogum


"A stunningly beautiful work" - The Guardian






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