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Believe it or not, this started as a joke... after you've spent years labouring over how to arrange and record a group of songs, record labels commonly decide it is a good idea to pull just the lead vocal from the songs, and put it over DJ Ofthemoments booty-beat so it can be played in overpriced posh New York Hotel Lobbies during Fashion Week. Leslie and I joked that it would be funny if instead of getting a bunch of house DJs, we blew the whole Metals remix budget on metal bands doing remixes of the album (tentatively titled "Metals done Metal". After I had emailed Sepultura's info@ and Mastodon's info@ and gotten no responses, I abandoned the idea... until the pure serendipity landed her on Jools Holland with Mastodon, and she just asked them directly about it.


This was originally a 7" split for record store day where Feist covered "Black Tongue" and Mastodon covered "A Commotion" - but after we discovered Mastodon's tempo for their cover was really close to the original, we had a bit of fun and made it into an HTML5 App.

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