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Compass started in Los Angeles with Beck co-producing. Darrell Thorpe engineered the first session at Ocean Way and I got to finish the Ocean Way sessions. James Gadsen played drums in these sessions, which is apparent on "Enough's Enough", but not as much on the rest of the album. There are a lot of guest appearances, but mostly all you really make out on this album is Jamie. As opposed to its catchy/upbeat predecessor, Jim, Compass was darkly experimental, contemplative, and tense.


For the second round of sessions, Jamie came up to the Unicorn Ranch with Chris Taylor from Grizzly Bear, and we took a crack at a lot of alternate versions of songs both solo with Jamie's looping table and with band. The tone of the album really took shape with Jamie's avant garde editing - combining several disparate versions of songs from completely different sessions. "The Ring" is a great example of this schizophrenic editing; but it makes the song really special. Chris and Jake Aron (who later joined Jamie's band) ended up mixing the album at Germano in New York.







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