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We started this album at Lobb on my 2" machine and tracked the band live off the floor. The band had laboured severely over their first two albums and originally planned to make this album in a much shorter period of time. When the songs left Lobb they just hadn't developed enough and went through a number of changes, stops, starts, restarts, re-writes, and deletions at the Zeus studio; but there are some remnants of the original Lobb sessions - two of Neil's songs - "One Line, Written In" and "You Could Have  A Lover", and notably "Straight Through The Light"... which Carlin sang into the soundboard of our 19th century decommissioned ship's piano.


I think it is some of Mike's strongest writing to date. We tried a couple versions of "I Miss My Friends" at Lobb, and there was a significant window when it wasn't going to make the album... but the re-recorded version at the Zeus Studio is the definitive one that became the first single.









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